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Richmond, British Columbia, stands proud as the home to the iconic Richmond Olympic Oval, a revered site that hosted speed skating during the 2010 Winter Olympics. This state-of-the-art facility has since evolved into a multifunctional sports and wellness hub, offering diverse activities and experiences. Information can be found here.

Olympic Legacy:

The Oval’s legacy as an Olympic venue remains palpable, drawing athletes and visitors alike to experience the aura of the prestigious games. Its design, inspired by the speed of skating, continues to symbolize the spirit of athleticism and sportsmanship. See here for information about Imperial Landing Waterfront Park: Richmond’s Scenic Oasis.

World-Class Facilities: 

Boasting a 400-meter indoor track, the Oval remains a revered training ground for elite athletes, fostering talent development in various disciplines. The venue caters to athletes of all levels, from ice sports like hockey and figure skating to basketball courts and fitness centers.

Community Engagement:  

Beyond its Olympic legacy, the Oval has integrated itself into the community, offering public skating, fitness classes, and wellness programs. This inclusive approach fosters a culture of health and well-being for residents of Richmond and beyond.

Continued Evolution:

The Richmond Olympic Oval continues to evolve with ongoing upgrades and innovative programming. Its commitment to sustainability and accessibility ensures it remains a beacon of athletic excellence while embracing a broader societal role.


The Richmond Olympic Oval is a testament to sporting prowess, embodying the Olympic spirit while serving as a dynamic center for athletic achievement, community engagement, and holistic wellness experiences.