Plan a vacation and go on a road trip to a new place to enhance your traveling experience and get away from life’s daily stress. But, also make it a point to travel in a rented car and not use the usual public transport. Exploring a new location in your rented car gives you flexibility and freedom to move around at your convenience and your pace.

However, to make the most out of your trip, ensure that you avoid these mistakes while renting a car through a car rental agency in Vancouver.

Prepaying for Gasoline

Most car rental agencies in Vancouver, BC, offer to refuel the car for the sake of convenience. Never fall for this. Otherwise, you will end up paying much more than the actual cost of the fuel as the car rental companies charge an increased cost.

Overlooking Potential Offers for Upgrades

Never miss a chance to check for upgrade offers on your car. The best strategy that works here is to book a low-cost car and check for upgrades at the time of pickup. Most often, during busy hours, the rental company upgrades you to a better car at no additional cost or a discount if they have a shortage of low-cost cars.

Not Using Membership Discounts and Reward Program

Before booking, always look for membership discounts and reward programs offered by AAA, AARP, banks, and credit cards. This way, you can save up to 25% on your rental booking.

Picking Up Without Making a Thorough Inspection

Inspect your rented car thoroughly at the time of pickup for any damages, scratches, or issues that can cause trouble later. If possible, take photos and videos of your inspection and point out any damages that are already there. Not inspecting your car during pickup may add to your rent later. This is helpful not just in saving any additional costs but also in making your drive smooth.

Returning Rental Car Without Last Inspection

It is not a good idea to return the rental car without the last inspection. Always get your car checked by an agent from the rental company before leaving. This will help in avoiding any damage claims made later by the rental company. Again, it is suggested to click pictures, take videos of the last inspection, and keep them for the record.

Purchasing Extra Insurance

Most car rental companies push their customers to buy insurance from them. Knowing beforehand that you are sufficiently covered will save you from purchasing extra insurance.

Check your auto insurance and credit card insurance offers before booking a car rental. Your auto insurance that covers your vehicle applies to your rented vehicle as well if you have full coverage.

In addition to your auto insurance, your credit card also gives you good coverage if you do the rental bookings using your credit card. Many credit cards even cover” loss of use” charges if you use them for your rental bookings. So check your coverage before booking a car rental.

Crossing International Borders

Crossing international borders without any planning may create problems for you because most car rental agreements do not allow this. Even your insurance won’t cover international car rentals. If you are planning to cross borders, inform your rental company in advance.

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